What is a Hair Texture Spray?

A texture spray can seem like a product just for pros. But it’s surprisingly versatile and can be used to achieve an array of different looks. 

What does a texturizing spray do? Texturizing sprays are different than dry shampoos. They aren’t meant for absorbing oil. They give you that I woke up like this, sexy lived in look. They add grit, volume, texture, and definition. Texturizers are perfect for all hair types, especially those who crave volume and texture.

Here are three of our favorites:

Dry Texture Spray: Get Day 2 hair on Day 1 with an airier, bedhead look!
Sea Salt Texturizing Spray: Amp up volume and enhance texture with a tousled, beachy look!
Spray Wax: Get the benefits of a wax sans that heavy, sticky feel!

Texturizing sprays can be used to achieve lots of fun looks. Here are 3 of our favorite styles that use texturizers.

Lived-In Look: The New Beach Wave

Use our Sea Salt Texturizing Spray for the perfect tousled beach waves to amp up volume and creates effortless texture. Try using our Dry Texture Spray near the crown and finger comb allover to get a voluminous bedhead look. 

Lived-In Look with Texture Spray

How to re-create the Lived-in Look 

  1. Take random sections, and use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to add a bend at the middle of hair’s length and glide down to smooth out the ends for undone waves. Allow hair to cool.
  2. Finger comb hair and mist Sea Salt Texturizing Spray (Spray from about 12-inches away) on mids and ends for undone, tousled waves.
  3. Spray Dry Texture Spray at crown to amp up texture and volume.
  4. Or mist Sea Salt Texturizing Spray for a more beachy vibe.

Updos: Claw-Clip

Our Dry Texture Spray adds much needed grit and volume to keep your updos lasting through any event.

Upstyle with Claw-Clip with Texture Spray

How to re-create the Half UpStyle

  1. Grab hair from sides and crown and wrap elastic around hair twice, to create a half up pony.
  1. Pull pony through elastic to create a bun at the crown, leaving ends out.
  1. Flip ends up to the bun, and secure all of hair with a claw clip.
  1. Spray fingertips with Aquage's Dry Texture Spray and pinch and pull hair for airy texture!

Braids: Bubble Braid

Similar to updos, braids can benefit from a texturizer. To add hold for braids, use our Dry Texture Spray or Spray Wax. These sprays also add grit and texture to messy braids in fine, limp hair.

Bubble Braid with Sea Salt Spray

 How to re-create the Bubble Braid

  1. Gather hair from temple to temple and secure into pony (not too tight).
  2. Gather a second section from ear to ear, adding hair lengths from first pony and secure into a second pony.
  3. Continue to create ponytails, with about 3-inches in between elastics.
  4. Leave out about 3-inches of the ends.
  5. Mist fingertips with Aquage Spray Wax and pull on hair in -between elastics for grit and texture.
As you can see, adding one of our texturizers to your style arsenal will be vital in stepping up your hair game. Bring on the TEXTURE!


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