join our quest to save our oceans

In order to preserve the source and inspiration behind our products, Aquage® is committed to sustainability and supporting conservation efforts that make a real difference in saving our precious oceans and waterways.

A portion of every single Aquage® sale goes directly to our partnership with Plastic Bank®, a social impact company dedicated to reducing plastic pollution and protecting our oceans. By choosing Aquage®, you’re helping take plastic pollution directly out of the oceans and waterways.

To further reduce our footprint, we have committed to be in recyclable and sustainable packaging by 2022. Thank you for helping to “make waves” for a brighter future! #Aquagehaircares


who is plastic bank®?

Plastic Bank® helps purposeful brands stop ocean plastic pollution and fight poverty by revealing the value in plastic waste—bringing environmental and social impact together.


In partnership with Plastic Bank®, Aquage® is funding the removal of 50 tons of plastic, equivalent to 2.5 million plastic bottles, from entering our oceans and waterways. Join our quest and sign up to learn more about our future “seastainability” efforts!

Did you know?

More than 95% of all plastic packaging is only used once.

Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean.

The world produces more than 300 million tons of plastic every year