2023's Hottest Hairstyles Unveiled at NYFW, featuring AQUAGE and RUSK

The Glamour of NYFW: Why It Matters

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is the pinnacle of style, an event that not only showcases the latest in fashion but also shapes culture, trends, and sets the stage for the future of brands and lifestyles. It's the time of year when the fashion world comes alive, and the runways glitter with classic and sleek looks, often with a pop of color - and this year, that pop of color was pink. From ponytail hairstyles to box braids, NYFW brought forth an array of styles that left fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters buzzing with excitement.


The Power of NYFW

NYFW is a prominent and influential event in the fashion industry, and for good reason. It's a stage where fashion house icons to today's up-and-coming artists, lead with imagination and out-of-the-box thinking. But why does NYFW matter so much?

  1. Influence on Fashion Trends

NYFW serves as the compass that guides fashion trends for the seasons ahead. Designers, both established and emerging, unveil their collections, offering a sneak peek into what we'll be wearing and coveting in the near future. This year, it was brands like Rusk and Aquage that took center stage in hairstyling, pushing the boundaries of hair fashion with their innovative techniques and products.

  1. Cultural Impact

This glamorous event isn't just about clothing; it mirrors and influences cultural shifts and attitudes. NYFW champions diversity and inclusivity, showcasing styles that cater to different tastes and backgrounds.

  1. Creativity on Display

NYFW encourages designers to push their creative boundaries. It's a platform that fosters innovation and inspires designers to think outside the box, resulting in fashion that surprises and delights.

@DavidChizek, Aquage/RUSK Educator

  1. Spotlight on Emerging Talent

For emerging designers and artists, NYFW is a golden opportunity. It's where they can gain exposure and recognition, a springboard to a promising future in the fashion industry.

  1. A Gathering of Icons

The event draws fashion icons and celebrities from all corners of the globe. Their presence elevates the status of both established and emerging designers, adding an extra layer of prestige to the proceedings.

  1. Economic Impacts

Beyond its influence on style, NYFW has significant economic ramifications. It generates substantial revenue through ticket sales, sponsorships, and collaborations, contributing to the growth of the fashion industry.

  1. A Global Connection

NYFW isn't confined to New York; it's a global affair. It captures the attention of the world, serving as a global showcase of fashion, culture, and artistry.

Shira Tran @elegantbeauty_neworleans

  1. The Hairstyle Trends

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) isn't just about fashion; it's a head-to-toe celebration of style. From classic ponytails to striking box braids, NYFW introduces hairstyle trends that captivate fashion enthusiasts and everyday trendsetters alike. This year, Aquage and RUSK took center stage, thanks to the support of @ThelabNYFW and lead Hairstylist Shira Tran. With Tran's creative vision, these brands showcased their expertise, making a lasting impression. Key products like Aquage’s Detailing Crème and Transforming Paste, as well as our sister brand RUSK’s new Pomade, and Volumizing Mousse, became hairstylists' secret weapons, enabling them to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver iconic looks. Aquage and RUSK now lead the way in hairstyling trends, as demonstrated on NYFW's prestigious runways. Whether you're a fashion lover or seeking hairstyle inspiration, remember these names—they're at the forefront of hairstyling excellence.



Irina Shabayeva Couture @irina_shabayeva_couture

Dafne Vena @dafnevena

Toussaint Lea @toussaint_lea

Raymon Walker @luxu_ray


Shira Tran, Lead Stylist

David Chizek

Jessica Harris

Delia Flores

Maribel Garza

Savannah Smith

Amy Jett

Crystal Conley

Ebony Selima

Ora Sutton

Melanie Rodriguez

Michelle A Gauvin

Brittany Welch

Jacqueline Lewis

Tyler Johnson

Kayla C.

Angelina Almadanat

Allie Germany

Natalia Diaz

Michelle Andonie Roux


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