Humidy-resistant Hair

No matter your hair type, texture or style…chances are you aren’t immune to frizzy hair! Let’s get into the science behind why hair gets frizzy and what you can do about it.

What happens when my hair gets frizzy?

Frizzy hair is something that can happen to anyone. It begins when the outer protective layer of the hair, known as the cuticle, changes shape from natural texture, harsh products, or heat styling. Hair can become dry and damaged due to the loss of moisture. When the cuticle gets raised or compromised, moisture seeps through and makes the strands swell resulting in frizz. 

Who is more prone to frizzy hair?

People with natural curls in their hair can experience more frizz than straight hair. This type of hair is drier since the natural oils at the scalp cannot travel down the strand to help moisturize the hair.

What causes hair to frizz & the products that can help!

Lack of moisture or dryness! See the top causes of how this happens below

Frizzy hair texture


A humid environment can create frizz in the hair because the outer layer starts soaking up the moisture from the air and swells the strands. 

Product Suggestions: Silkening Oil Foam, Straightening Ultra Gel, Uplifting Foam, Curl Defining Crème, Defining Gel, Transforming Paste, Silkening Oil Treatment

Product Tip: Using a leave in conditioner or styling product with moisturizing benefits to help the longevity of a style.

Shampooing hair with very hot water                                              

Washing your hair in hot water can cause the same effect as humidity. Use lukewarm water instead.  

Product Suggestions: Sea Extend Silkening Shampoo & Conditioner, 60-Second Silkening Treatment, 60-Second Restorative Mask

Product Tip: Using a moisture rich shampoo regimen will create a smoother, frizz-free result. Not rinsing out all of your conditioner will also help add additional moisture and tame textured hair. *Use the 60-Second Silkening Oil Treatment once a week to revive hair.

Over washing your hair

Shampooing your hair daily can increase the risk of stripping natural oils from the hair.  

Product Suggestions:  Color Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner or SeaExtend Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner

 Product Tip: The Aquage SeaExtend line is an ultra-luxurious line of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products that will nourish and add moisture to your hair. The SeaExtend Line is free of paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride. Customize your regimen depending on your hair’s texture. 

Excessive use of chemical services

Excessive use of lighteners or coloring can leave the hair feeling different than the original natural texture. 

Product Suggestions: SeaExtend Silkening Oil, SeaExtend Strengthening regimen, 60-Second Silkening Treatment, 60-Second Restorative Mask

Product Tip: Use as maintenance between color services to maintain strong hair.

 Heat Styling

Make sure to use hot styling tools with a styling product that moisturizes and protects the hair to create a beautiful style. 

Product Suggestions: Beyond Shine, Beyond Body, Working Spray 

Product Tip: These thermal products will help seal in moisture and protect the hair from heat. 

The appearance of frizzy hair is caused by dryness that is absorbing moisture from the air. This can be controlled with the right products, whether you are a curly haired gal or have straight hair. For the most part, frizz means your hair is dehydrated so make sure to quench thirsty hair with nourishing and moisturizing conditioners and treatments and take care to avoid the hair stressors above as much as possible. Hope we helped you figure out how to tame your frizzy tresses!


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