Voluminous Bombshell Curls

Volume is a girl’s best friend, right? Second to diamonds, of course. There’s something about bombshell curls that can bring any look from a 6 to a 10, but mastering that lasting style can be tough…and believe us, we totally get it. You don’t need 10 different products to get those curls bouncing, so don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank to build your hair confidence!

Watch Celebrity Hair Stylist, Laura Polko get her look on Insta.

The key to luscious volume and style that won’t fall flat, is starting your routine in the shower. Once you come to terms with the fact that you can’t rinse with scorching hot water, swap out your generic shampoo for sulfate, paraben, chloride-free products, and start massaging that scalp, then we can talk curl styling! Let’s get into it.

Step 1: A Luxurious Lather

Volumizing Shampoo

SeaExtend Volumizing Shampoo is made for those who struggle with lifeless, thin hair. This creamy shampoo will seal the cuticle to lock in color molecules and moisture. The nutrient-rich algae will restore flexibility and strength, giving your hair body and fullness. Happy, healthy hair = voluminous hair!

Gently massage this creamy, pearlized shampoo from roots to ends and give your scalp a little TLC with a 1-minute massage! By doing this, you’ll stimulate blood circulation and oxygen to the hair follicle, aiding the delivery of essential nutrients to your root!

PSA: ALWAYS wash your hair in lukewarm water! Too much heat on fine hair leads to dry, brittle breakage. We’re trying to take 1 step forward, not 2 steps back, babe!


Step 2: Condition with Confidence


Equalizing Weightless Detangler

You guessed it, time to hit those locks with Weightless Detangler. This product is formulated to deeply condition and hydrate hair while helping create lightweight, long-lasting volume. Making it the perfect care prep for bombshell curls! While it penetrates your strands with nutrients, it works to plump hair from scalp to ends. Volume? We know her!


Step 3: Root Lift

Uplifting Volumizing Foam Mousse

Lets. Get. LIFTED! Uplifting Foam, you truly stole our hearts. This most loved product is raved about by all who use it, including celebrity stylist, Laura Polko. If you’re looking to get that Gigi Hadid runway volume, look no further. This product is a weightless styling foam that can be applied to wet or dry hair and concentrates at the root for maximum volume and lift. To use, lift your hair section by section and spray evenly in a zigzag pattern, then blow-dry as usual. If wet, spray and massage in.

PRO TIP: Keep a mini in your bag for touch-ups and keep MEGA volume all day long!


Step 4: Curling Tips

 Finishing Hair Spray

To get bombshell curls, grab a scrunchie and section off your hair, leaving the bottom layer down. Turn your curling iron on medium heat and begin to curl away from your face, roughly 3 inches from the top of your scalp. The higher your start curling, the more volume you will get! Once this is done, pin your curls so that the hair cools and maintains its form. By doing this, your curls will be super bouncy and full! Repeat this until all of your hair is curled and pinned. Once cooled, unpin and lightly fluff your curls. Don’t brush too hard, your fingers may be just enough to get the job done! Again, lift hair by section, spray a little more Uplifting Foam and lightly massage it into the root. Top your style off with Finishing Spray, and you’re golden!

WOW…This is what curl-confidence is supposed to feel like.

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