Turn up the Texture

As we head into summer, we are all about enhancing natural texture and volume. Our spray wax will help you achieve that amped up look!

Aquage Spray Wax’s next generation formula is a fine-mist, fast-drying texturizing spray wax sans all that stickiness. Get those beach waves you crave to take you from Ditch Plains during the day to Surf Lodge at night!

Mega volume and texture start before you style—in the shower. It’s hot enough outside so let’s get this summer started and forgo the HOT, HOT, HOT water that scorches your hair. Be kind to your hair and swap out your lackluster shampoo and conditioner for paraben, chloride-free products to keep your hair fuss free year-round!



Volumizing Shampoo
SeaExtend Volumizing Shampoo is made for those who struggle with lifeless, thin hair. This creamy shampoo will seal the cuticle to lock in color molecules and moisture. The nutrient-rich algae will restore flexibility and strength, giving your hair body and fullness. Happy, healthy hair = voluminous hair!


Gently massage this creamy, pearlized shampoo from roots to ends and give your scalp a little TLC with a 1-minute massage! By doing this, you’ll stimulate blood circulation and oxygen to the hair follicle, aiding the delivery of essential nutrients to your root!


PSA: ALWAYS wash your hair in lukewarm water! Too much heat on fine hair leads to dry, brittle breakage. We’re trying to take 1 step forward, not 2 steps back, babe!



Equalizing Weightless Detangler
You guessed it, time to hit those locks with Weightless Detangler. This product is formulated with Thermal-V Technology to seal out the heat and prevent styling damage, making it the perfect care prep for bombshell curls! While it penetrates your strands with nutrients, it works to plump hair from scalp to ends. Volume? We know her!



Spray Wax Texturizing Gel
Get that lived-in look you crave with our Spray Wax and head from the sea to the salon with Algaeplex® marine botanicals to nurture, strength and protect. Create buildable separation, lift and definition for a piecey lived in look sans the stickiness. Brushes out easily with zero flaking. Make sure to use on dry hair for textured, tousled looks. 


This all-star Spray Wax can be used multiple ways, it’s the ultimate heavy hitter to have in your hair arsenal!


For volume and lift: Spray in short, even strokes 8-10-inches away from the head as you delicately scrunch the hair.


For major hold: The further away from the head the product is applied, the drier the spray which delivers more effective hold. Apply in layers, depending on the level of texture desired.


For sleek style: Apply Spray Wax to a tail comb and gently glide across the hair to smooth fly-aways and create a satin finish.


Style with your fav matching two piece ‘fit and prepare to get looks of envy while you sip Hamptons Water a la fresco!

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