And the Countdown Begins; T-Minus 3 days To BTC


Another day, another slay, and today we are coming at you with some very slay news! In 3 days we will be at Behind The Chair. Yes, you read that correctly. If you are an avid BTC attendee you know that this is pretty big news, because it will be the first time our brand is there. On the other hand you may be reading this and asking, "what on Earth is Behind The Chair?"- allow me to clarify. Behind the Chair is a MASSIVE hair stylist convention that brands and stylists attend for outreach and educational opportunities, and more's a ton of fun!

Naturally, we had to show up, and show out. Not only are we going, but we are going with our brand ambassador, and celebrity stylist, Laura Polko. She does the hair of basically every IT girl out there(we are talking Emma Chamberlain, Sydney Sweeney, GIGI HADID, etc).Let me tell you, Laura has one heck of a mainstage presentation set up for you guys.  I mean if you are even remotely interested in celebrity styling her presentation is the place to be, and if you weren't interested in celebrity styling before, you will be after. She is so much fun to watch up there, and she will walk you through all you need to know to get into that part of the business. She goes on at 9:50am on Sunday, in case you wanted to mark your calendar right now.  
Hmm... what else? Oh yeah! Our bottles had a glow up. Every single one of them. Since then... I don't know we are feeling a little left behind, so we decided to give the entire brand a glow up. Can't be going making those rash decisions without checking with you guys first! Head over to our booth to vote for our "new look" in our rebrand campaign...gosh don't you just love democracy. Don't worry we got something in it for you too. What's that saying..."you scratch my back, I scratch yours"... 
Alright, lets talk scratching. We have 2 giveaways! Our first is the opportunity to come assist in an Aquage photoshoot. All expenses paid... 100% time of your life guarantee. If you don’t like people, we get it...fear not the other giveaway caters to the material girls in our base. We are giving away our entire rebranded line. 46 products in our pretty, new packaging- all completely free. The retail price of this is upwards of 1000 dollars. Now here's the best part. You can enter into both giveaways! In fact, we encourage it! All you have to do is vote on our new look at our booth. 2 giveaways, 2 insane prizes. I mean, come on guys, did we show up, or did we show up?

Speaking of money and material girls, we have a little mainstage set up for those that need a bit of business help. Our CEO and president, Scott Missad, is giving a presentation on the main stage about really taking control of your fate as a stylist. Managing your finances, knowing what product usage will better your business, maximizing your time and profit yield, all that good stuff will be in his mainstage event. If you really love styling and you want to see yourself profiting your time and business yield, come see Scott, Monday August 15th @ 9:50 AM.

After watching Scott, stretch your legs, and take a stroll. Maybe meander all the way to the Aquage booth, booth #3. Take the opportunity to sign up for our giveaways, check out our new line, and see Laura Polko doing some downright gorgeous hairstyles. They might look a little familiar, if you follow @aquagehaircare you may have even voted on some of the styles she’s doing. You may also see one of our Aquage team members, and if you do… come say "Hi"! We love talking to you guys, hearing your opinions, and getting to know you all!

In summary, we are so excited to see all of you and we wish you safe travels to the event. For those of you that can't make it you are with us in spirit... check our social media to stay in the loop and involved with us at BTC...we will miss you!! Everyone else, see you in beautiful Orlando!

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