'70s Style and Glam

3, 2, 1…HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know, you’re asking yourself the question again…how did a whole year already pass me by? Throughout this year we’ve seen groundbreaking change that will one day make up the answers to a multiple-choice test and single-handedly be the titles to chapters in a high school textbook. We’d like to take a moment to say, we are one and we are strong.

In 2021, we partnered with celebrity stylist Laura Polko, naming her brand ambassador for Aquage Haircare. Over the year, Laura styled OBX sensation Madelyn Cline, supermodel Gigi Hadid, Social Media queen Emma Chamberlin, and TikTok’s most-loved sisters…the D’amelios. Now, we don’t mean to brag, but a little beauty fairy told us that Aquage took a front row seat in all of their styles! 

Cosmopolitan's 33 New Year’s and NYE Hairstyles to Wear While Ringing in 2022  features Polko’s stunning '70s soft waves on who else but Emma Chamberlin...and we're here to tell you just how to get the look. Sit back and enjoy the read. Grab a snack, a glass a wine, or perhaps...whatever you're finally going to say goodbye to in 2022.



Get The Look 

Now, in the new year we promised ourselves that we were going to not only take care of our precious locks, but also our skin. So, go on…moisturize with that coco butter and throw on a cozy robe.

Next, grab Uplifting Foam and spray at the root of your hair, then layer in-between. Lightly massage the product in. Once you see the volume begin to build…you’re ready to blow dry!

Next, spray Beyond Body from roots-to-ends to protect the cuticle from moisture loss and styling stress. Remember, MORE body, LESS frizz, MORE shine, LESS heat damage!

Grab your curling iron and set it to a heat that is appropriate for your hair type. Once you hear that “ping!”, you know it’s go time. Section off your hair depending on its thickness and begin curling the bottom layer. Curl away from the face to give it va-va-voom bounce! Hold the curl for a few seconds to keep its structure, then repeat on all other sections EXCEPT the top layer and bangs.

If you’re really looking for that ‘70s style, do away with your curling iron at this point. Reach for your straightener and place it halfway down the front section of your hair. Then, curl your hair outwards and pull hair all the way through. Once this is achieved, you’ll have fluffy voluminous curls that shape your face BEAUTIFULLY! Unpin your bangs and lightly curl them at eyebrow length using the same technique.

We’re almost there, hang tight, disco queen. Now, let’s lightly brush out the curls and fluff them up a bit. Take your Finishing Spray and generously mist each layer by delicately picking up each section. Spray away! This non-sticky, zero crunch hold is very forgiving and will give you the ultimate shiney hold.

Lastly, grab your favorite barrettes, middle part your hair and clip both sides of your bangs. If you don’t know where to start when trying to find fun hair accessories, we listed some of our favorites below for you. *wink wink*, you’re welcome.

Voilà! You’re ready to take on New Year's Eve and you look like a million bucks. Make us proud out there! Bounce those curls around and make sure to let EVERYONE know this year's look is inspired by celebrity artist Laura Polko, and mastered with Aquage. To happiness, health, and new beginning...CHEERS!




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