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Be empowered. Visit the Backroom:

Aquage is committed to being the destination for stylists to gain the tools to achieve their maximum level of success, personally and professionally. Our backroom cultivates a positive attitude that is nothing short of supportive and innovative and it’s all for you.

To all the stylists out there, thank you…without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Meant to maximize your time and invest in meaningful education for you to explore at your leisure, we have gathered all of our tricks, tips, techniques and wrapped it up in a shiny blue bow. 

We’re dedicated to building an environment where Hairstylists can explore meaningful education to enhance their skillsets. Best of all, at your convenience.  

The Aquage Backroom offers cutting, express, and styling courses. Within these courses, you will find educational techniques taught by professionals within the industry and explore new ways of styling. Throughout, celebrity stylist and Aquage ambassador Laura Polko will be sharing her techniques and tips she uses when styling icons in the entertainment industry.

Trending Hairstyles

Lose yourself in the education of trendy hairstyles and master the technique of perfecting them. From Bubble Braids to Modern Waves, you’ll find yourself emersed in a world of the new, the now, and the exciting.

Customized Education

In-person & virtual events will be held with the intention of growing your knowledge in exponential ways. These classes will be range from 1-2 hours and will allow you to understand and implement all the key benefits and usage tips of Aquage products so that you can create with passion and confidence.

On Demand Tutorials

If you can’t make it to one of our live classes but need some quick inspiration, the backroom offers foundational + advanced cutting and styling tutorials among many more tutorials to access 24/7. 

Shop Products & Learn More about Formulas

Education on all Aquage products! In this section of the backroom, you will find everything you could ever need to know about the products you use daily. Experiment and step out of your comfort zone while learning about care and styling products.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Find FAQ and downloadable resources to further educate yourself on all things Aquage. Here, you are exposed to brochures, product education, salon banners, signage, sell sheets, and much more. 

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