Sea to the Salon & Beyond

Aquage kicked off 2021 in a big way with an exciting new photo and video shoot for the SEAstainable Beauty campaign – giving Aquage a totally fresh, contemporary and environmentally-conscious new look!

Announcing our partnership with social impact company, PlasticBank, to drastically reduce ocean pollution, was just the first step in our ambitious effort to move the brand forward.

Earlier this year Aquage collaborated with world-renown celebrity and editorial master hair artist, Italio Gregorio, to create several new looks that pay homage to the care, styling and finishing techniques of Aquage, but with a fresh and modern twist.

Aquage Sea To The Salon & Beyond Photo Shoot

These beautiful, textured, shiny hair styles on our lovely Aquage models: Kathrin, Paulina and Audrey, were artfully captured by NYC-based hair, beauty and fashion photographer extraordinaire, Sarah Silver.

Wardrobe stylist, Charles Varenne, and make-up artist, Tyron Machhausen, along with a talented production team, worked closely together (but not within six feet 😊) to revitalize the Aquage brand, and create a gorgeous collection of images and video content that represent the bold new direction of the Aquage brand.

Aquage Sea To The Salon & Beyond Photo Shoot

Eliminating single-use plastics while on set, and working with production teams that share our vision for a more sustainable and ocean-friendly future – right on down to the locally-sourced, sustainable meals we ate in recycled containers – Aquage is happy to unveil our gorgeous new campaign for 2021, and are excited to share all the new, more meaningful and purposeful content that we will be creating going forward. From the Sea to the Salon & Beyond

Aquage Sea To The Salon & Beyond Photo Shoot


Hair: Italio Gregorio

Photographer: Sarah Silver

Wardrobe: Charles Varenne 

Make Up: Tyron Machhausen 


Paulina Murchie @pmurchie

Katharin Werderitsch @kathrin.werderitsch

Audrey Hilfiger @audreyhilfiger

Aquage Photo Shoot
Aquage Photo Shoot


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