Turning Plastic Waste Into an Opportunity

Is it possible to reduce plastic waste while fighting poverty? A resounding yes! The world produces more than 300 million tons of plastic every year. What if we could turn all this waste into an opportunity to make a social impact? What if we could incentivize recycling efforts and provide an additional source of income for people making less than $2 a day in developing countries like Haiti? We decided to be part of the solution and turn all our what if's into reality by partnering with PlasticBank - an organization that helps stop ocean pollution while reducing poverty levels in Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil, and Philippines. 

With PlasticBank by our side we will prevent over 2.5 million plastic bottles from entering the oceans this year. A portion of every single Aquage sale goes directly to our partnership. Now every time you wash or style your hair with Aquage products, you become an ally in our quest to help reduce plastic waste and indirectly fund somebody's school tuition, groceries and more. (virtual high-five please!)

So how does this work? We partner with PlasticBank, who in turn partner with entrepreneurial locals who help collect plastic from waterways and oceans that transforms into Social Plastic. In exchange for plastic waste collected, locals in Social Plastic recycling markets are able to make additional income or pay for life-improving items like groceries, tuition, phone and more. What used to be seen as waste is now a driver of economic growth, thanks to Social Plastic program lead by Plastic Bank.

There are 4 trillion tons of existing plastic in our planet. More than 95% of all plastic packaging is used only once. Join our quest to become a part of #AquageHairCares community and help us reduce ocean bound plastic pollution while doing some social good. We also promise to go above and beyond and are committed to recyclable and sustainable packaging by 2022. Come be a part of the solution with us! 🙌


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