Aquage's Commitment to Sustainability - A Game-Changer in Haircare Packaging

Aquage has become one of the first haircare brands to switch to 100% Recyclable Ocean-Bound Packaging!

As a responsible clean beauty haircare brand, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and do our part to protect our planet. That's why we are proud to announce that we have recently switched to using 100% recyclable ocean-bound packaging.

Yes, for our entire line of haircare products! (And don’t worry, our proven formulas have not changed!)

Plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing humanity today. Not only does it affects the ocean, but it also endangers wildlife and disrupts the natural equilibrium of the sea. 

"We made a conscious (pun-intended) decision to go all in on something that is the heritage of the brand which from the beginning sustainably sourced ingredients at a very high performing level. We are going all in on this concept and making it a 360 sustainable beauty brand … with sustainably sourced ingredients and the new Ocean bound, fully recyclable packaging." 

Scott Missad, Aquage CEO 

Aquage new packaging

The switch to ocean-bound packaging has presented some challenges, including limitations in sizing, but we have worked hard to overcome these obstacles!

We had to standardize our packaging and as a result, some of our products sizing has changed. For example, our best-selling Color Protecting Shampoo changed from a 12 oz. container to an 8 oz. We have also introduced more products available in liter sizing.

"Because the technology is new, our options were limited, and you will see we made some decisions on standardizing our products and the way that we price them."

Scott Missad, Aquage CEO

Aquage is one of the first haircare brands to make this change and we are proud to be leading the way in sustainable packaging and clean, sustainably harvested ingredients. The team at Aquage understands the importance of providing consumers and salons the resources to move to a conscious lifestyle. 

At Aquage, we believe that every small change we make can make a big impact. Won't you join us?

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