Texture Sonic Wave Control Creme


This dual-purpose, ultra-lightweight styling and texturizing crème was designed to eliminate frizz, define and enhance a curl or wave pattern. Best used on wet hair or to re-hydrate, redefine and refresh dry hair

Key Benefits:

  • Provides thermal protection
  • Will define a curl or wave pattern and eliminate frizz when air-dried
  • Will enhance and energize any curl or wave pattern when used with a cup-diffuser
  • Redefines style, eliminates frizz and re-hydrates dry hair

Usage Tips:

  • On evenly damp hair before air-drying or cup-diffusing
  • On dry hair to redefine the strands
  • Apply in dime-sized increments until proper product absorption is achieved
  • Emulsify product in palms and between your fingers before applying to the hair
  • Thoroughly saturate each strand for ultimate definition and control
  • Run fingers through the hair to evaluate product coverage and reapply as needed
  • Comb through evenly from roots to ends with a fine-tooth comb to achieve even product distribution
  • When the ideal level of definition has been achieved, dry hair using a blow dryer fitted with a cup-style diffuser until all of the curls are dry
  • Avoid touching or scrunching strands while drying to avoid creating frizz
  • Wait until the hair is completely dry before touching it with your fingers
  • Apply to dry hair in pea-sized increments, delicately redefining large sections

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