Riding the Wave of Sustainability: Celebrating Earth Day (Every Day) with Aquage

As Earth Day approaches, it's the perfect time to reflect on Aquage’s environmental impact and commitment to more sustainable practices in the realm of beauty and personal care. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd reminding us of the vital need for collective action towards a healthier planet and a better future for all. Inspired by the sea, Aquage took a pledge to nurture both hair and our oceans with consciously chosen ingredients and environmentally responsible ocean-bound packaging.

What is Ocean-Bound Plastic?

Ocean-bound plastic is plastic waste that is within 30 miles from a coastline or waterway and is at risk of entering the ocean if not properly managed.

Our Partnership With Plastic Bank:

Investing in leaving the Earth better than we found it, Aquage’s partnership with Plastic Bank, goes beyond preventing 2.5 million plastic bottles (equivalent to 50 tons) from polluting the ocean annually. It extends a helping hand to communities in third-world countries, providing opportunities for education and sustenance.

Each Aquage purchase not only elevates your look, but also actively defends our oceans and changes the lives of those who collect ocean-bound bottles as a means of currency. So far, we’ve gathered 187,500 kilograms (9,375,000 bottles) of plastic waste from the environment, enabling 98 collection communities to use it as currency for extra income, social benefits, and a path out of poverty.

"Sea the Journey" Through Plastic Recycling:

With the help of Plastic Bank, the story of our bottles starts long before it gets in your hands! Through our partnership, we’ve made a commitment, embracing environmentally responsible practices and introducing ocean-bound packaging. Repurposing ocean and coastal plastics, we’ve shifted to post consumer waste (PCR) bottles crafted into recyclable packaging.

The story of our bottles starts long before it gets in your hands!

  1. Waste Collection – Pick up plastic & trash along coastline
  2. Processing – Separate out plastic bottles & granulate plastic
  3. Pellets – Create repurposed plastic material
  4. Melt & Reform – Re-utilize into recycled plastic
  5. New Product – Your new favorite Aquage product

Ultimate hair health is a journey, much like our efforts to improve the footprint of our planet, we are committed to fostering positive change not only for hair you feel great about, but also to make a positive impact on our environment. This Earth Day, (and Every Day), please join us in riding the next wave to a better climate and better hair.

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