To Mom, From Aquage

Here’s to strong women. May we be them; may we raise them, may we cherish them. Happy Mother’s Day! This holiday comes every year, though thinking of a gift idea, never seems to get any easier. A mother’s unwavering love is simply indescribable. So, I pose the question, is there any gesture that can truly capture our most sincere, “thank you”? I know the special woman in your life has already told you that, you, are the greatest gift…but let’s be honest, she deserves a little something more than an, “I love you”. It’s no secret that our mother’s sacrifice salon trips, becoming all too familiar with the messy bun. But, who’s to say they can’t get stellar results at home? Our lightweight, layerable and most certainly effortless products, are privy to make everyday, a good hair day. This Mother’s Day, give the gift that keeps on giving.

Aquage professional haircare is created with innovative technology that embodies restorative, nutrient-rich properties of the sea. Carefully crafted with a plethora of marine botanicals such as, algae, seaweed and kelp, each product plays their own part in transforming your hair and simultaneously sustains Mother Earth. While you’re achieving luxurious salon results at home, know that Aquage is sourcing essential elements from costal water’s amidst our earth, and bottling them up in recyclable packing. By partnering with PlasticBank, Aquage will prevent over 2.5 million plastic bottles from polluting our oceans this year. But, that’s not all. Remember when we said this is the gift that keeps on giving? With every sale, Aquage donates a portion of the proceeds to entrepreneurial locals in, Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines. Our persistent efforts to remain eco-friendly and reduce poverty levels in developing countries, will invariably be a priority. Dive in and discover holistic haircare that makes you look beautiful on the outside and feel good on the inside, Aquage.


SeaExtend Strengthing Shampoo and Conditioner

You can’t have beautiful, healthy hair unless you start in the shower. Aquage’s dynamic duo, SeaExtend Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner, embody a luxurious spa treatment with every wash. An impressive blend of Red Sea Kelp and Algaesilk sea botanicals, works rapidly to improve the strength of your hair.

SeaExtend Silkening Power Infusion

T- minus 60 seconds until you indulge in effortless shine and smoothness. The SeaExtend Silkening Power Infusion, is the treatment of your dreams, delivering flexibility and elasticity to all hair types. Offering the exceptional healing properties of Algaeplex, vital lipids are quickly replenished from root to tip, increasing hair resilience and moisture with every spray. A las, the Thermal- V technology, locks in all benefits and protects your luscious locks from heat.

Texture Precision Flexible Wax

Now that we’ve covered treatment and wash, let’s talk styling. Introducing the Texture Precision Flexible Wax. A light-weight formula rich in ingredients that delivers maximum moisture, incredible movement, and impressive texture. This dual-purpose product can be used on both wet and dry hair, making it a staple in your haircare routine.

 Finishing Spray

So here we are. The last step, the final gift that will make your mom go, “Wow, thank you for a wonderful Mother’s Day”. Aquage Finishing Spray, the ultra-fine mist that builds hold and creates body. Lock in the masterpiece you’ve just created with a formula that seals the cuticle and radiates shine.