Illuminating Gelade, 4 oz.

This firm hold texturizer gives the control of a gel with the texturizing ability, slip and shine of a pomade.

Key Benefits:

  • Micro-emulsion texturizer disperses fluidly, yet delivers exceptional control
  • Infused with liquid crystals for a luminous, high-gloss finish
  • Perfect tool when a dramatic level of texture and randomness is desired
  • Adds the control of a gel with the texturizing ability and slip of a pomade
  • Transforms hair's natural texture and delivers the ultimate combination of strand separation, definition and brilliant shine on medium to thick hair
  • Silicone free
  • Sulfate free
  • Glycerin free

Usage Tips:

  • Take advantage of the liquid crystals to provide the ultimately shine-inducing light reflectivity by emulsifying in between your palms before applying.
  • Thoroughly emulsify product in hands and between the fingers before applying to the hair
  • Run fingers through the hair from roots to ends, moving the strands in the desired direction and intended flow
  • To increase the randomness and texture within the style, flip the head upside down and use the blow dryer with high heat and high airflow in a random blowing pattern
  • If more product is needed, re-apply, but always in pea-sized amounts to avoid build-up in one spot
  • If using on wet hair, allow the hair to dry naturally or tousle dry with fingers and a blow dryer to create maximum separation and randomness