Bougie, Boho, Boss!

Introducing three women, with three different hair regimens. Enter, Bougie Baddie, Boho Bombshell, and Boss Babe! These perfectly-picked collections are designed to give you all the tools to create YOUR perfect style. From color-treated & care to silky-smooth style, you’re bound to meet your match this holiday season. Let’s meet the trios!


Bougie Baddie Regimen

  • Silkening Shampoo (10 oz.) & Conditioner (5 oz.) 
  • Silkening Oil Foam (2 oz.) 
  • Silkening Oil Treatment (4.5 oz.) 

The Bougie Baddie regimen offers two of our top care products and 2 most-loved styling products! For those who struggle with coarse, frizzy hair….this routine will be your savior! Let's start with the Silkening Shampoo and Conditioner. Created with the SeaExtend Algesilk formula and Thermal- V technology, this duo will protect your color + boost overall hair health. To top it off, this dynamic duo adds luxurious shine and prevents heat damage from ruining your precious locks!

Also included, the buttery and dreamy Silkening Oil Foam. Designed to add body and definition with incredible smoothness. End your smoothing routine with the Silkening Oil Treatment to reduce blow dry time by 40% and create the ultimate silky hair.


Boho Bombshell Regimen

  • SeaExtend Volumizing Shampoo (10 oz.) & Conditioner (5 oz.)
  • Uplifting Foam (2.5 oz.) 
  • Volumizing Fix Hairspray (8 oz.) 

The Boho Bombshell regimen is seriously a lifeline for individuals who are looking for ALL the body! It’s SO time to break up with your boring, flat're better that that, girl! Included, the Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated to help those with fine, lifeless hair. A gentle wash paired with a lightweight condition seals the cuticle to prevent split ends and revitalizes hair by adding fullness!

Before blow drying, apply the Uplifting Foam and watch the bouncing magic begin. From root to tip, the lasting volume will be free of stiffness or flaking. Generously mist the Volumizing Fix Hairspray and prepare to be amazed with its flexible, glossy-finish hold.


Boss Babe Regimen

  • Color Protecting Shampoo (12 oz.) & Conditioner (8 oz.)
  • Texturizing Lux Enhancer Blow Dry Crème (4 oz.) 
  • Beyond Shine (2 oz.)

Boss Babe, your hair called…the hybrid life is getting to you, you still need to protect that gorgeous color! This regimen is for those that want all the vibrant color, without the hassle of desperately trying to maintain it. Trust us when we say… protection is our middle name. Both our Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner are lightweight formulas that balance moisture levels, keeping your color on lock 100% of the time!

Since we know you’re always on the go, we included our Texturizing Lux Enhancer Blow Dry Crème to reduce your blow drying time by 50%, hydrate and tame frizz! Top your style off with Beyond Shine, a zero hold spray that protects against heat damage and delivers an ultra- silky finish!